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“Foxfeather achieves sonic bliss via their new track titled ‘Come And Get Me’…this future classic [is] a captivating mix of old school soul and modern alt-rock tinge in an #indie scene all too familiar with the bland” (Jammerzine)

“Carly Ricks Smith has a spectacular voice which lies somewhere between the folky soprano of a young Joni Mitchell and the jazz-heavy range of Lake Street Dive’s Rachel Price. It’s powerful as well as delicate” (Marquee Magazine).

"time warping...it's an emotional ride into the forest of folk with low-hanging country branches slapping you in the face without apology... its got a good thing going" (Rooster Magazine).

“…it’s sexy. It’s original. These women have crafted something very special and instantly likeable on this album” (Andy Eppler, The Prairie Scholars).